Are those giant pillows??

Ciao everyone! Today’s post will be dedicated to the our trip to “Macro,” a contemporary art museum in Rome that we decided to visit today because of the yucky weather. I’ll also introduce you to a few more of my new friends! (If you’ve read the other posts, you already know who Brian is.) I […]

FInally here

Hey friends and fam! Sorry I am really bad at blogging and I want to quit but I tend to quit stuff a lot so I’m going to try to keep doing it. It’s actually a lot harder to find time to blog than I thought it would be! I also can’t figure out how […]

Bon Voyage!

Hello friends and family!¬†As you may or may not know, Randi Fagan and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Rome, Italy to study abroad (but really just play, sight-see and eat a lot of good Italian food). We will be taking classes at John Cabot University which is an American university in Rome. I’m […]