Are those giant pillows??

Ciao everyone! Today’s post will be dedicated to the our trip to “Macro,” a contemporary art museum in Rome that we decided to visit today because of the yucky weather. I’ll also introduce you to a few more of my new friends! (If you’ve read the other posts, you already know who Brian is.)

I got a good laugh because the entire first room consisted of something called “Soft Work,” aka giant pillows that hang from the ceiling. Here are a few pictures of the “Soft Work” we saw today.




IMG_0399                      IMG_0393


IMG_0383                   IMG_0386

                                        IMG_0388                   IMG_0382


This is a gingantic haystack that was outside of the art museum.

IMG_0374              IMG_0376




IMG_0404 IMG_0405


And after the art museum, we were feeling artsy. So, here is our hipster photo shoot……………….this is Michael, Tommy, Randi and Brian.

IMG_0428                            IMG_0437 IMG_0436                            IMG_0433



That’s all for now. Love you all!



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