“Happiness is only real when shared.”

Bags are packed, gooodbyes are being said, and finals are over (although I have not mentioned it once, we did take classes while here.) It’s so hard to believe that in less that 24 hours, we will be on a plane headed back to Mississippi. It took months of planning and preparation to come here […]

So much wine…………….

Hey strangers! Unfortunately, my time here in Italy is winding down. I know this is heartbreaking for those of you who have received 14 snapchats from me daily, or for those of you who have been living vicariously through me. Do not fear! Since I didn’t post anything last week, this one will contain short […]

Grecian sunsets

Well I will start off by saying that this weekend was THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. This Friday, me, Randi, Michael, Brian, Anna, Jaclyn and Alexia headed to Thessaloniki, Greece for a two night stay. DAY ONE: Randi and I had booked a separate hostel than the others so we just decided to go […]

Are those giant pillows??

Ciao everyone! Today’s post will be dedicated to the our trip to “Macro,” a contemporary art museum in Rome that we decided to visit today because of the yucky weather. I’ll also introduce you to a few more of my new friends! (If you’ve read the other posts, you already know who Brian is.) I […]

FInally here

Hey friends and fam! Sorry I am really bad at blogging and I want to quit but I tend to quit stuff a lot so I’m going to try to keep doing it. It’s actually a lot harder to find time to blog than I thought it would be! I also can’t figure out how […]

Bon Voyage!

Hello friends and family!¬†As you may or may not know, Randi Fagan and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Rome, Italy to study abroad (but really just play, sight-see and eat a lot of good Italian food). We will be taking classes at John Cabot University which is an American university in Rome. I’m […]